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JP Hobby 160mm 14S Full Metal Ducted Fan With Motor

The JP Hobby 160mm 14S Full Metal Ducted Fan With Motor is available here with free delivery from the UK or Germany.

Need the counter-clockwise version? No problem. Contact us here

JP Hobby ESC are available here.

JP Hobby uses only the highest grade aluminium  alloys and machines these on state of the art  CNC equipment to produce the tightest tolerances  ever seen in an EDF for unequaled efficiency.

12 Blade Fan design with a max RPM of 75,600 creates incredible thrust and awesome jet-like sound!

They are not only very rigid, but they are surprising light weight!

All units are Dynamically Balanced at the factory for super smooth operation

All aluminum design dissipates heat for long motor life

High-strength aluminum shroud

Each fan is stress tested for 8 hours!


Motor: JP 4250 12 pole - 1000kv, 6mm Shaft

ESC: HV 120A - HV 130A with 15° Timing 

Battery: 10S 4500 45C

Weight: 550 grams (Including Motor)

Connectors: Banana

Average Thrust: 6.22kg

Max. Thrust: 6.82kg

Max. Efficiency: 90%

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