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What does the ALPHA ESC best for, and why?
"ALPHA" ESC is new product from T-Motor, compare with the long selling T-Motor FLAME ESC it has better efficiency, lower noise and interference, improved respond time and lower working temperature, but the compatibility is a bit lower than the good old FLAME ESC because specific motor KV has different needs for ESC. We recommend ALPHA ESC for T-Motor "U" and "Navigator" motors. Also, for ALPHA ESC you can use with the T-Motor DATE LINK to change the firmware to match with specific motors.


  • Match U3 KV700 , U5 KV400 , MN5212 KV340 ,MN4006 KV380 , MN501S KV360, MN501S KV300, MN7005 KV230 Only
  • Low Noise , Temperature and Interference
  • Fast Response , High Efficiency
  • For Compatibility , Please Leave A Note of Motor Type and KV .

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