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6starhobby Pointed Spinner 3'' for DLE engine/Sbach RC Plane

Pointed spinner 3inches / 76mm. Other sizes are available. 

3in spinner:

Height:  75mm

Diameter of Bottom Plate:  3in/76mm

Aperture of Bottom Plate:  10mm

Screw:  M5*75mm(thread length: 23mm)

Weight:  81g

There are black, red, silver and blue colors for choice.


More pointed shape design, more beautiful, more simulation, and smaller air resistance

Not only special suitable for Sbach airplane, but also for other type airplanes 

Aluminum Alloy material, CNC and Anodized processed, more durable.

Enough prop mounting hole, playing gas airplane without worry about reaming.

Quick and easy installation: the bottom plate has drilled prop mounting holes according to the size of engines; And with mounting screw;

Hollowed design bottom plate can effectively reduce the weight.

The middle of bottom plate is antiskid design.

Fixed slot design of bottom plate makes the installation more stable


Application Fields:


3in/3.25in/3.5in spinners: Suitable for DLE30/35RA/40/50/55/55RA/60/61, MLD35/70, EME35/55/60, DA50/60, DLA32/56/58/64, EVO54/58, 3W50/55, MVVS58, JC51 engines;

4in spinner:  Suitable for DLE85/111/120, DA85/100/150, DLA112/116, 3W100, EME120 engines

2. Propellers:

3in/3.25in propellers:  

3.5in propellers:  Suitable for 22*8 to 23*10 propellers 

4in propellers:   Suitable for 27*10 to 28*10 propellers

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