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Parallel Charging Board with XT60 Plug and with JST-XH Balance Line

This product can use with chargers like common series charge (eg. IMAX B8) or independent charge (eg. UN A6). It can charge 4 sets of 2-6S battery pack with same type and cells, that is to say the charging board simultaneously supports balance charging of 4 sets of 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S and 6S batteries.


1. With completed protective circuit. Every balancing head and main plug has corresponding self-recovery fuse to prevent the battery from burning because of the reverse connection.

2. With reverse connection indicator light. It will observably remind you when the battery is wrong connected.

3. With combination interface. Multiple sets of the same or different parallel charge boards can be combined use together to charge more battery packs or different plug types.

4. The circuit board is 3oz of copper foil to make sure the safety of large current charging.

5. Use thick enough 3oz of copper foil, high-quality Amass 7U fine gold plug and silicon wire of large current. And the enclosure material is from Taiwan fireproofing ABS.

6. You can assign matched types of balancing line, such as JST-XH (I CHARGE TYPE), fma waing (pl8 type) hyperion type etc.


1. First we connect the balance output port of Para Board to the balancing portof charger.

2. Then connect the battery output line of Para Board to the battery power port of the charger.

3. Insert the balance head of every battery pack into the relevant port of Para Board; then insert the output port of battery into the power port of the battery pack; then set relevant charging current and voltage. (The charging voltage is the same with single unit charging and the current is N times of single unit charging. "N" is for the number of parallel battery pack). Meanwhile, the charging board can match with chargers of independent compression type, such as UN-A6.

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