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Parallel Charging Board with T Plug


Banana Plug (Female):  4.0mm

Banana Plug (Male):  4.0mm

Male Balance Plug (2pcs):  7-Pin

Max. Charging Current:  40A

English User Manual x1pc

This product is used for simultaneously charging multiple lithium batteries(including
LiPo, LiFe, and Li-ion types) in parallel.

Main Features:
1. Charge and balance up to six lithium batteries at the same time by working
with to a balance charger.
2. Cells will be better balanced and voltage difference will be smaller than conve-
ntional charging method. Save more time on cell balance during the later phase
of a charging cycle.
3. Parallel charge can significantly save your time. If you charge four batteries at the
same time,the charge current is four times of that you used for a single pack, and
you need only 1/4 of the charge time to charge every battery separately. Similarly,
if you charge six batteries at the same time,the charge current is six times and
time is only 1/6.
4. Support up to six 1S-6S batteries with the same chemical type and nominal voltage.

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